“Protecting the personal data can’t be solved just by putting your information security in order and creating a bunch of guidelines for the employees. We help companies build human-centric privacy culture and make sure respecting the personal data is an elemental part of customer relationship management.”

– Sini Vartiainen, Service Area Lead


Data protection is not just about statutory requirements, technical data management or a one-off project. At best, it’s an elemental part of organizations’ individual-respecting human-centric culture and customer relationship development. It is interwoven with the organization’s strategy, covering its operating models. It is a built-in part of product and service concept design and systems development. It manifests itself every day in the decisions of people who work with processes handling personal information.

We help companies get started with launching privacy programs and building a privacy culture. We are known for not just consulting but also rolling out and rooting the know-how into the client organization. We conduct comprehensive current state assessments and prioritize development areas based on risks. We design and customize the privacy programs used for creating trust-based business. We help our clients in defining customer strategies and information needs. We describe the processes and responsibilities that generate, handle and utilize personal data, and take care of systems specification. We draw up the entire organization’s change management and roll-out plans, and assume responsibility for their execution, as needed. Moreover, we prepare operating models for the continuous improvement of data protection.

Our privacy services cover the following, for example

  • Privacy program execution plan
  • Data protection current state assessment
  • Corrective actions plan
  • Defining privacy requirements for IT systems
  • Process development
  • Formulating privacy principles
  • Communications and training plan
  • Creating privacy governance model
  • Change management and deployment of new practices

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