“Protecting the personal data can’t be solved just by putting your information security in order and creating a bunch of guidelines for the employees. We help companies build human-centric privacy culture and make sure respecting the personal data is an elemental part of customer relationship management.”

– Sini Vartiainen, Service Area Lead


Do you need expertise for privacy-proofing your business?

We are known for not only consulting, but for rolling out and rooting the privacy culture in the organisation. Our privacy experts perform holistic maturity evaluations and prioritise development items with a risk-based approach. Together with you, we plan and customise your privacy development roadmap, which allows you to concentrate on building a trust-based business.

We help you link your privacy implementation to your customer and data strategies. We privacy-proof your business processes that create and utilise personal data. We create the change management and deployment plans for your whole organisation and if needed, take lead in executing them.

Our privacy offering

Privacy core processes

In consulting for privacy core processes, we focus on developing or optimising the privacy process of your choice. This can be, for example, the processes for fulfilling data subject requests, the management and prevention of data breaches, or the data protection impact assessments (DPIA).

Privacy-proofing business processes

The GDPR requires privacy by design and by default in all operations. How well is privacy achieved in the different business and support processes of your company, for example, in customer service or in data warehousing? When we privacy-proof processes, we comb through all the roles, responsibilities, personal data, their retention times, and guidance for employees related to the process.

Privacy roadmapping

How should privacy be further developed and maintained in your company? We evaluate the maturity of your privacy implementation and prioritise development items with a risk-based approach, according to the needs of your company.

Training and guidance

Knowledge and expertise of the personnel are crucial for making privacy happen. In connection with our other services, we help your company prepare training and guidance for the employees who process personal data. You can also contact us for creating training or guidance tailored to your company’s needs.

Privacy meets data management

Good data management is the foundation and key enabler for implementing privacy requirements. Expert teams from Talent Base will put your data management and personal data processing in order, both for business and privacy needs. We will also help you prepare documentation for GDPR’s accountability requirement.

Privacy in digital services

We offer privacy support for the development projects of your digital web services. Well-planned privacy is a natural part of the service user experience and will foster trust in the service users. We can help you with, for example, gathering and managing required consents and creating transparent communication to users about the use of their personal data, which is required by the GDPR.

Privacy in agile development

We support Lean Agile development in your company. We recommend that you make privacy requirements and data protection impact assessments (DPIAs) an integral part of the product and service development process. This way, you can implement privacy by design and by default early on, avoid last minute SW changes, and reduce privacy risks.

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