”Lean Agile aims to implement the most essential things in development work in the most efficient way possible. Theories is easy to learn, but real change is done by people. When an organization finds courage and will to learn through experimentation and feedback cycles, we support on the road to change.”

– Reni Waegelein, Service area lead

Experts for different roles

Do you need an expert for a specific role? This may be, for example, a Scrum master, an Agile coach, Portfolio manager or the like.

Our experts can support your business in different areas to keep your operations running smoothly. In addition to agile methods, we bring in our expertise, for example, in architecture, customer and user experience and design, data management, MDM, and so on.

At the same time, practical operating models for agile work can be developed and rooted.

Get familiar with our other services too, so you know in which different areas we offer substance expertise in addition to agility.

Our Lean Agile expertise in numbers


certified SAFe Program Consultant -experts


licensed Luontaiset Taipumukset™ coach


experts who completed SAFe Agilist -certification


Associate Certified Coach expert

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Reni Waegelein, Service area lead