”Lean Agile aims to implement the most essential things in development work in the most efficient way possible. Theories is easy to learn, but real change is done by people. When anorganization finds courage and will to learn through experimentation and feedback cycles, we support on the road to change.”

– Reni Waegelein, Service area lead

Agile change

Agile change helps organization to operate better in a rapidly changing digitalizing world. Ketterä muutos auttaa organisaatiota toimimaan paremmin nopeasti muuttuvassa digitalisoituvasta maailmassa. Change can start from the small step, but you get the most when it reaches the entire organization.

People are making the agile change. The change itself is also carried in agile way, in small, fast portions with the help of experiment and feedback cycles.

Lean Agile is a collection of theories and doctrines, which are easy to teach and learn, but only practice teaches and shows what works and what doesn’t. When making a change it is important to be bold and constantly awake to see if the direction is right. Change is made in small, fast and continuous steps.

How big change do you want to make?

Our experts will plan a change journey, set goals for change with you, train the organization with basic skills, initiate change, and implement new ways of working. They will assess the maturity of different parts of the organization in a Lean Agile change and suggest actions. They will facilitate design events and brainstorm new powers to promote the change.

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Reni Waegelein, Service area lead