“The full benefits of service design and user-centered design are gained through holistic thinking and effective cooperation and by keeping the aspects of business goals and technical realities in mind.”

– Sakke Mustonen, Service Area Lead

Service design and UX

We advocate for continuous, iterative and lean digital service design. Digital effectiveness is our core value.

For us, user-centric design means that the design process for digital services is done based on realistic, trustworthy information, and on the realities of implementation and operations.

Practical methods and frameworks to ensure the value realisation of service, and solution optimisation will help the organisation in succeeding on digital service development and reaching the digital efficiency. How well we succeed is measured how the intended value of service is coming to reality, and how streamlined was the path to get there.

We support you also in improving the quality of UX of individual services and products, but our specialty is to integrate digital service and UX design seamlessly to lean agile implementation, e.g. how design thinking complements frameworks as SAFe.

Our experts operate on portfolio-, program- and team level, and as UX coaches to guide and optimise user-centric implementation process, or as a part of the team.

Our services

Continuous improvement cycle as cornerstone for digital experience

Do you know too little of your users and customers? Do you you have too much information? Does previously tested solution perform differently live than during tests? Is the delivered value of your service a guess?

On design phase, the realized value of planned digital service is a guess on its best, even if tested or piloted. In reality the true realized value is secured only when the service is on real use. When developing digital services, ability and operations to react on changes or optimize when learning of performance should be on as cornerstone for the ways of working.

Testing individual online service or app on design phase is not enough, organization must have capabilities for continuous validation, reaction, improvement and optimization of realized value and digital efficiency.
Iterative and economical, inbuilt methods that validate realized value continuously we can make sure the concepts implemented work – also from technical and operative aspect.

We recognize digital business opportunities and sophisticate them into implemented digital services.

Design Operations (DesOps) – Scale up your User Experience Design

We are enthusiasts of Design Systems – and know what is needed behind them. We know what teams and organizations need besides component – and style libraries in order to work effectively.

Our specialty is suit user experience design processes into lean agile environments in large scale – effective empowerment of the implementation teams in creation of valuable user experience is only possible if foundations and processes are in right shape and practical. Design system is a living, practical everyday tool.

We are on our best when taking effective digital service design processes, tools and operations to use, and ensure the economical teams and possibility to scale. We quarantee digital effectivity.

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