“We specialise in improving digital performance and effectiveness. In most cases this starts with reducing internal complexity whether it is systems or processes. Our insight and expertise spans from user experience to architecture design. We also excel in in omnichannel content management. ”

–Sami Masala, Service area lead

Digital services

Creating digital services base is much more than an information technology challenge. In the design of digital consumer services, a considerable amount of resources is often invested in the optimization of the customer experience. However, in addition to this, it must be kept in mind that the information systems and tools are also used by people operating the digital services and utilising the information provided by them.

In addition to technical quality and user experience, IT systems that support the business and its operational model are an important part of the entire solution, as well as automated, easy-to-use tools and processes that are designed for people.

With the help of the CAPO®, a model developed by Talent Base together with its clients, we can ensure that all of these important aspects are taken into account in the design and implementation of your solution.

Our extensive practical experience of demanding, global projects ensures that our clients have access to the best experts in the holistic concept design of digital services, design and implementation of way-of-working models, as well as the design of comprehensive solutions – for architecture, operational models, process optimization and customized IT solutions.

In projects, we usually work in the interfaces between business activities and IT implementation, while handling e.g. design of new digital concepts, holistic solution design as well as implementation management. We are very familiar with the roles of e.g. product owner, project manager, business analyst, scrum master, solution architect and vendor manager.

Our know-how in digital services encompasses, among others:

  • Holistic solution design
  • Digital service concept design
  • eCommerce
  • Web content management
  • Enterprise content management
  • Management of digital assets & materials

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