“Knowledge is power, also in business. We aim to create a real resource for our clients. Instead of data museums, we want to build sustainable business, and significant competitive advantages. That’s why we consider the most important question in information management is what we do want to achieve with the information.”

– Tero Laatikainen, Service Area Lead

Data Management

Future market leaders are the ones who understand the opportunities and boundaries of data as well as possess professional resources for data management and data quality management. Competitively successful organizations succeeding in competition are those which are able to harness the power of their data wisely effectively.

Our activities include much more than handing out theoretical guidelines, we engage in the implementation phase as well. We ensure that all essential areas of data management are taken into account including:

  • Identifying the business needs
  • Modelling and defining requirements for data and its management
  • Systematic processes for governing and managing data
  • Ensuring fit for purpose and continuous development of data
  • Utilization of data and its further elaboration while respecting rules and regulations

We design data management and data quality solutions to support your business needs, whether it is for digitalisation of services, omnichannel services, automation of processes, robotics, modern analytics or customer relationship management.

In our solution designs we use state of the art methodologies, frameworks and models. We are experienced in leading and managing complex data management initiatives, and we know how to engage stakeholders across organization-wide. We are able to work with agile methods or traditional waterfall projects.

We have a number of global and domestic data management and data quality projects with outstanding customer feedback as measures of our successes. Our priority is to produce value for our clients, by delivering the best possible results.

Our Data Management services include:

  • Master Data Management (MDM)
  • Data quality
  • Data Governance
  • Product data, PIM
  • Customer data, CRM
  • Data Platforms & hubs
  • Reporting and analytics
  • DataOPS
  • AI Governance

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Tero Laatikainen