Tero Laatikainen

Partner | Director, Service area development | Principal Consultant

  • Data Management
  • Management

I am an information management consultant steeped in demanding international projects. I got my stock started in 2002

In addition to consultancy work, I manage the service development at Talent Base, and I train future Master Data experts.

My best content-related expertise consists of client information projects, where the business activity requirements and external regulations must be taken into account in information models and content, information management processes and management setups, so that quality information provides a competitive advantage. I am a solution seeker, clear in my communication and good at splitting large packages into segment tasks to be moved forwards. I want to work near business activities, bring in the end users into planning and prioritize activities in an agile way, in accordance with the achievable advantage.

I am proud of having gotten to be along in projects, where solutions which I have designed have been implemented, and which have brought the desired change to the activities of our client. A happy client is the best feedback for my work.