Rasa Asauskaite


  • Data management and quality

I can help you build business and user-friendly information management processes and contribute to your business success.

I am a dedicated and efficient consultant with international working experience and focus on process development and problem-solving. I’m an experienced leader, and I strive to clarify expectations, analyse problems and always try to find solutions to achieve the best results and in the agreed time.

I am used to working in global projects and I can coordinate work of cross-functional and cross-cultural teams. I am particularly interested in digitalisation projects and I have a passion for master data management and data governance processes.

I have a technical background, and I hold a Masters degree in Management of Production, Industrial Economics. I have excellent IT skills, and I am interested in new technologies and innovative solutions that improve processes and collaboration. I believe my positive and solution-oriented attitude, my efficiency, creativity and ambition will positively contribute to your business activities and will make your workflow more efficient.