Leif Bohlin

Senior Consultant

  • Architectures
  • Digital services
  • Lean agile
  • Sales

Senior Solution Executive with holistic understanding how to create linkage between business and IT to secure further business success, speed and agility in the digital transformation

Since I joined the IT and Telecommunication industry back in 1981, I have been mostly working for large international corporations such as Hewlett-Packard, ICL and Ericsson in many different roles mainly focused around architecture, leadership, quality assurance, facilitation, business development and sales including business to IT alignment.

In my role I often aligned with different stakeholders represented from the business side and IT side in planning, design and projects implementing or IT transformation covering people, processes & technology, often within large multinational teams in projects and I have continuously developed my communication skills.

I have a good holistic understanding of the complexity many clients cross-industries are facing due to heterogeneous IT landscapes built up over decades with mixture of old legacy systems and modern application suits to support new business demands and speed with hands-on experience how to overcome complexity and enable transformations into the new IT landscape with the flexibility to support normal IT operations and development combined with functionality that can be consumed as a service.