Leif Bohlin

Senior Consultant / Sales

  • Architectures
  • Digital services
  • Lean agile
  • Sales

Senior advisor and coach with architectural background, who through overall understanding ensures the linkage between business demands and IT capabilities to secure further business outcome, speed and agility in the digitalisation journey

At your service a senior advisor, coach and solution executive with over 30 years of experience in architecture, digitalisation, IT transformation, business development and solution sales.

My experience is from both the customer and the supplier side in different leadership positions has given me a solid foundation to understand today’s needs for holistic solution design and lean transformation to achieve the organisation’s strategic goals to better serve their client.

In my roles, I have often worked with decision makers and stakeholders from the business-, users and the IT side, but often also with the company’s external suppliers regarding planning, design and projects implementing or IT transformation covering people, processes & technology. Usually by working and leading large international teams in different projects, which has also developed my communication skills.

I have a good overall understanding of the complexity many companies have due to heterogeneous IT landscapes built up over decades with mixture of old legacy systems and modern application suits that can be consumed as a service to support new business demands.

I have hands-on experience how to overcome this complexity and enable transformations into the new IT landscape with the flexibility to support normal IT operations and development combined with functionality that can be consumed as a service.

Within Talent Base I work with sales and senior consultant in architecture area.