Lauri Lampi

Senior consultant

  • Digital services

A Solution Seeker for Your Content Management Needs

I am a content management professional with nearly 20 years of experience in well-established companies in the Nordics. In my various roles, I have successfully ensured that business and tech teams share goals and mutual understanding of what is needed. I’ve been a key player in vendor selection and implementation of many different products. My latest experience has mostly involved working with tech teams taking care of omnichannel publishing and content management systems, making sure stakeholder requirements are met.

My main experience is in leading technical teams, product ownership, project management, and proactively working with stakeholders. My goal is to help create sustainable solutions, with a well-thought content production process and avoid unnecessary complexity in technical development. I aim for re-usable and extensible solutions and content whenever it’s possible. I always want to understand the production chain from data/content origin to the end-user.

I am used to working with professionals in diverse roles, and it is important for me to understand the needs well enough so that we can jointly come up with the best solutions for these needs.