Laura Rumbin

Marketing specialist

  • HR

I’m a marketing communications and social media professional.

I work as a link between our consultants and our channels. In other words, I make sure that the content, which is produced by our specialists, ends up to our company blog and is spread around our social media channels. In addition to this, I also plan our other marketing tasks with the rest of the marketing and sales team.

I have been working within social media since 2012. Before starting at Talent Base I worked as an independent entrepreneur offering social media consulting and content creating to my customers. My know-how with social media has been born out of passion towards creating great content for the right audience – and doing it as well as possible. I have been blogging for more than six years and have had the chance to develop myself not only in content creation, but also in influencer marketing.

Earlier on my career I have worked also in recruitment. I have studied administrative science and marketing.