Juhani Lind

Senior Consultant

  • Digital services
  • Lean agile

Experienced modeler, business analyst, developer, test engineer, architect, project manager … in other words Solution Designer!

I have over 32 years of versatile and extensive experience in developing software and information system solutions together with moving solutions from development to production. I work expertly in different roles and phases in solution development, from feasibility studies and development down to deployment and maintenance. And during my career, I have worked in industries such as healthcare, public roadways, mobile networks, mobile devices, pension provider and banking. That’s a perfect background and experience for a generalising specialist Solution Designer like me!

I am especially enthusiastic when I get chance to take advantage of my strengths: data modeling, requirement specification, business process modeling, Lean and Agile frameworks, agile project management, quality assurance and enterprise architecture thinking. My extensive experience in training and coaching the various parts of developing solutions has given me lots of insights into the everyday development in projects and organizations across Finland.