Heimo Hänninen

Senior Consultant

  • Architectures
  • Content management
  • Data management and quality
  • Digital services

I am an information craftsman, who does business analysis, data modelling and solution architectures with experience over two decades.

I am skilled in enterprise architectures, information design and data modelling. I enjoy running workshops where we clarify business needs, problems and opportunities and then draw blueprints on the wall. As high-level pictures are complete enough, I detail them as logical level diagrams and further on say, as a scheme in database for the implementation. My special interest is in the semantic information management, where things do not have to perfect to be useful. Harmonised data service across various source system may give you better value faster than traditional heavy system revamps.

I have the courage, curiosity, and skills to jump into a complex and sometimes fuzzy situation and clarify problems, causalities and create plans for improvements. Why care about information? Most of the business problems boil down to be information management problems. Along with the holistic working philosophy of Talent Base, my work experience covers the full life cycle of information piped through the digital services from design to delivery.