Esa Karppinen


  • Data management and quality
  • Privacy

A solid foundation unlocks the full potential of data

I have an academic background with a Master’s degree in social sciences, and I started working with data more intensively in the industry in 2014.

Prior to working as a data management consultant exclusively, I have been involved in database administration and report development, and have also worked as a data migration manager and team lead. I also have experience in general data management covering topics such as data governance and enterprise architecture. As the EU general data protection regulation (GDPR) was looming over the horizon, I had my baptism in fire for everything privacy related, and received good hands-on knowledge on those issues.

I’m an engineer at heart despite my education, and I view the world as a set of problems just waiting to be solved. I have often been able to speed up time-consuming tasks by using my programming skills, and during my diverse set of responsibilities I have come to be familiar with a wide range of technologies. Recently I have also expanded my knowledge with machine learning algorithms.