Cora Tenebro Bravo

Senior consultant

  • Data governance
  • Data management and quality

My passion is to lead MDM change management and give people the opportunity to understand the advantage of good data quality

I have more than 20 years of demonstrated working experience in IT and Telecom industries, large and international companies. My passion is to lead and drive Master Data Management (MDM), Data and Information Governance (DG/IG), Data Quality (DQ), Implementations, Standardizing of Data, Center of Excellence (CoE), GDPR, Ethic & Compliance, Security & Privacy, Process, Procurement, training and education worldwide and more.

Working globally has given me the unique experience of combining technology, innovation and interaction with people worldwide. One thing I always value is working with change management and strategy to constantly motivate the employees’ positive spirit and to be involved in the journey of the company. I always see the challenges and opportunities in every problem and obstacle as this provides me the adrenaline and drive to find the best and most effective solutions.

I always strive for excellence delivery.