“Even the most skilled carpenter needs quality tools to produce an excellent product. Our tools are the best-proven methods. Those help us effectively reach an end result that exceeds expectations. We don’t take the methods back home, but gladly put them for the daily use of our clients.”

– Taru Väre, Service Area Lead


Our Methods service area consists of methods that have been proofed as effective in practice, and that we have refined over the years with our clients and various communities. In our work, we take advantage of industry the best practices and tools, and adapt them to the needs of our clients. We don’t just train, but we embed our know-how and models as a permanent part of the work methods of your company.

To make solution design more effective, we have developed the CAPO™ model, that makes the actual development work fast, of high quality and predictable. Many business focused IT solutions for large and small businesses have been created with this method. Our experts are glad to take on a coaching role in projects, and, if needed, train our clients to achieve even more effective work methods. For projects working with the SAFe, our experts have grown accustomed to working – amongst others – in the roles of product owner, epic owner and feature owner.

Our process development services include:

  • Agile development methods
  • Modelling methods for the modelling of business activities and information
  • Change management methods
  • Facilitation methods

Service descriptions

Operating models

The understanding of the current state and need for change of a company’s operative action model is key to implementing strategic projects and to their success. We describe the current state and target state with e.g. process or ability modelling methods, creating a plan for action to achieve the target state.

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Lean Agile

Lean Agile theories are easy to learn but real change is made by people. We provide training in basic skills, conduct maturity assessment, plan transformation programs, and roll out new ways of working. As needed, we support those in key roles by our own example.

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