A Solution Designer’s story: Taru Väre

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Had she ended up following her career path where her first professional education led her, Taru would most likely not work at Talent Base now as a brilliant MDM expert and as the Chair of the board of DAMA Finland.

Taru has always been characterised by her will to understand copious amounts of complex information and to accomplish something concrete. Previously, this side of hers became evident while Taru studied to become an arts and crafts artisan. Later on, after many twists and turns, she ended up in the purchasing department of Stockmann, where her fascination towards systems really caught fire. Step by step, Taru got absorbed in the world of software. Making a leap from an artistic profession to a consultant juggling data and analytics, is actually not as strange as one might think at first. In her current job in holistic solution design, she basically does things in the same frame of mind – accomplishing something concrete and being creative.

The first time Taru found herself working with master data was in an ERP project developing a comprehensive operational model. Working in a holistic project was something she really liked. Concurrently with working in that project, she spent her evenings and weekends studying to become Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology. While still at Stockmann, working as Master Data specialist, Taru came across a master data management course led by one Tero Laatikainen. During this course, Taru realised that MDM is something she wanted to work with from then on. Soon after the course, a consult position opened at Talent Base, and so Taru turned a new leaf in her life.

It’s been almost three years since Taru came to Talent Base. Her professional growth during these years has been phenomenal: among other things, she has led a challenging roll-out project of an information management model. Taru wishes to encourage people to share their skills and knowledge, and to support everyone in their development and in their efforts to get to do what they truly want. Today, Taru also teaches the same MDM courses that once led her to Talent Base.

”In everyday work, having super skilled colleagues is one of the most important and motivating things. It’s great to know that help is always near if one’s a bit clueless.”

Holistic solution design is manifested in Taru’s day-to-day work as solution-driven approach. Regardless of task or assignment, instead of searching for the problem she always focuses on finding the solution. The best part is when tangible results are achieved – something of value and use. In the future, it is Taru’s dream to get an opportunity to coach a large organisation in business development, starting from the executive board level. She would be fascinated to develop the overall operation of an organization in a way that would add to the wellness of the staff, improve customer satisfaction and make the organisation operate in a smarter way.

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