How it all began

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It all began in 2007 when Tomi Bergman, Mikko Meriluoto, and Mikko Mustakallio combined forces. Having co-worked for years in various consulting projects, it was clear that they shared a common idea of what kind of assistance businesses need in their IT projects. The men made a bold move – and Talent Base was born.

From the very beginning, the founding trio agreed that digital transformation requires much more than just technological modernization. Thanks to the founders’ diverse backgrounds, their approach to the design of digital solutions was comprehensive, and successes ensued. Their work leaned on management consulting, design thinking and strong technology expertise alike. Communication and common language between different parties were also considered fundamental. Soon the trio realised that this idea was something they wanted to cultivate. Talent Base became a consulting company focused on holistic solution design.

Over the first years of operation, there was only one customer. But the word spread fast, and soon there were three customers and quickly the number rose to more than ten. Profitable from the very first year, the company grew organically. The team needed more members – people with a mental attitude that combined appreciation towards working, integrity and open-mindedness. The team began to grow, welcoming even more hardworking, interdisciplinary and holistically thinking solution design experts to the company.

The founders shared a common vision of the kind of company they wished to create. They wanted to build a community that is as aptly characterised by in-depth expertise as everyday sense of humour. They wanted to be consultants whom customers trust and who are not ones to shun talking about the difficult stuff, either. On the other hand, they wanted to create a home-like environment for the consultants. A place they would find welcoming, where everyone could be exactly who they are.

This is what Talent Base is like, even today.