We merge business, user experience, data and technology into irresistible digital services.

Experience and insight in digital solution design

We are a group of solution designers, whose design work can be seen in digital services around the world. We work independently of technology or tools suppliers. Therefore our solution design work is uncompromising in serving the best interest of our clients and their customers.

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Our Principles

Solution Focus

We are active, self-directed and forward-thinking professionals with passion for complex problem solving. We believe in holistic thinking, experiments and continuous learning when finding the best solutions and technologies for our customers.


We take true interest in the topics and people we work with. By encouraging open dialog, we strive to create true co-operation between different parties. We’re active in listening to different views and seeking for feedback on our contribution.


We are honest, open and not afraid to speak up even about the hard stuff. We deliver our promises, take responsibility and stand behind our words and actions. We also have the courage to admit when we are wrong.


We are loyal to each other and our customers. We aim for long-term partnerships and value continuity. We always act for the best of our customers.


We believe that true expertise and vision is gained through experience. We’re pragmatic, top professionals on our field, constantly improving ourselves. We build on peer-to-peer learning, sharing experiences and working hard to achieve mastery.


We are goal-oriented and aim for concrete business benefits. We design our solutions to cater for sustainable growth and long-term profitability. By measuring the outcomes we prove the achieved profit.

How it all began

In 2007 Tomi Bergman, Mikko Meriluoto, and Mikko Mustakallio combined forces. Having co-worked for years in various consulting projects, it was clear that they shared a common idea of what kind of assistance businesses need in their IT projects. The men made a bold move – and Talent Base was born.

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Stories of Solution Designers

Timo Karsisto

For the past decade, Timo has worked in various agile projects. He reckons the most important aspect in the solution designer’s job is designing durable solutions that are executed simply enough.

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