Data is driving the future.

And people are at the heart of it.

Future market leaders will run their businesses with data and will stand out from the competition thanks to an irresistible digital brand experience.
We know what it takes to accomplish this.

We offer step-by-step support customized for your organization’s growth by combining high-quality data, the most appropriate technology, and effective processes together with organizational change capability. And we optimize all of these for the precise goals of your business.

Welcome to the future. We make sure that you are ready for it.

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Finnish Road Safety Council: Talent Base’s expertise is really strong

Talent Base is joining forces with Loihde Group

Talent Base is entering a new and exciting era! During the past 13 years, we have grown from a team of three skilled and entrepreneurial people to a community of nearly 60 professionals. As result of an acquisition, we will become a part of Loihde Group (formerly Viria) on 1 June 2021.

With this step we will be able to serve our clients with an even more comprehensive range of services for data driven and digital organisations.

For our people, this means more interesting client assignments and a wider community of fellow experts to share their knowhow. Our goal is to grow our team of top professionals further in both Finland and Sweden.

For the time being, we will carry on as before. All our existing client and partner relationships will continue as do all our projects. If there will be any changes in our operations going forward, we will keep you informed of them in a timely manner.

Later this year, we will start marketing our services under Loihde brand, but Talent Base will remain as a legal entity.

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Every growth-hungry business will soon have a schedule for being AI-ready – for having all the skills and tools to implement cross-cutting and company-wide AI systems. In this post, I will explain in plain words what we at Talent Base mean by AI readiness.

“How to build AI-ready organisation and why you will soon be for forced to?”

AI-valmius AI Tekoäly Keinoäly AIGA

Digitalisation is not just a word

For our customers, digitalisation is not just a word. It is a fundamental change taking place in the very heart of a company. It is an operational capability in the new rapidly changing world where no one can foresee the future.

Watch the video and find out how we can help your organisation to use the tool of digitalisation in the best possible ways.

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