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Free webinar on the 5th of June – Design thinking as agile accelerator

Lately Design Thinking has been elevated as a visible part of many large scale agile delivery frameworks, and Design Thinking should not be a privilege of your dedicated UX or Service Design team only.

Come and learn how to elevate Design Thinking as a valuable part of an agile organisation, covering the whole journey from portfolio management to team-level problem-solving.

The webinar is held by Sakke Mustonen, the Head of Digital Service Design at Talent Base.

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Digitalisation is not just a word

For our customers, digitalisation is not just a word. It is a fundamental change taking place in the very heart of a company. It is an operational capability in the new rapidly changing world where no one can foresee the future.

Watch the video and find out how we can help your organisation to use the tool of digitalisation in the best possible ways.

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