Master Data Management

The significance of Master Data is easy to justify, since it is data that all the business activities of companies revolve around. Effective MDM is a significant part of a company’s information management.

It simply means that all core data that is essential to business activities is of high quality and easily accessible to those who need it.

Through effective Master Data Management, companies can achieve significant competitive advantages, such as increased revenue, cost efficiency, risk management and improved decision-making.


MDM training

In Master Data training, you will hear about the best practices and methods of the industry, through actual client cases. We offer tangible tools and work models for developing MDM in companies of all sizes.

MDM Pilot

MDM Pilot is a compact, ready package service for business-centred development of Master Data Management. The methods have been honed in practical project work and help to identify the commercial advantages of MDM projects, while quickly steering development onto the right track.

Data condition check

Data condition check is a fixed-price service, where we make a summary of the organization’s current state of business-critical data. The condition check forms the base for continuous development of data quality.

Data condition check for electrical companies

We analyse your existing data against the currently defined data standard of the Datahub project, perform data profiling and compile a summary report on the current state of data and required procedures.

Data standard

Our Data standard describes and defines vital information about your business activities, such as customer and product information, as well as their content and quality requirements. The Data standard forms a base for system development and for efficient data sharing between various systems.