“World-class digital solutions are born out of in-depth know-how of the sector, combined with comprehensive planning that combines customer insight, business targets and optimization of operations. That’s how we create real innovations and competitive advantages.”

– Tero Laatikainen, Partner

Solution designers at your service

Solution design means innovating, conceptualizing, defining and developing digital solutions in a way that exceeds client and end user expectations, meets business targets and ensures a suitable, sustainable and scalable technical solution.

We design digital services that make your clients happy and boost your business.

We excel in the following areas:

Information management

We create capabilities for professional information management, which enables you to build a real data-driven business. Our services include master data management, improving data quality, as well as reporting and analytics.

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Digital services

We design digital services that allow you to keep your customer promises online. We design solutions for digital concepts and manage their implementation. Our specific areas of expertise are management of online content, digital asset management and e-commerce.

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Customer relationship management

We design solutions for creating first-class customer experiences and profitable customer relationships. Among other things, we are experts in the specification of CRM systems, customer data and data protection, as well as the optimization and automation of marketing, sales and customer service processes.

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We adapt the best methods for your work methods and embed our know-how into your organization. In agile projects, we take a leading role, for example as product owner. We are also experts in change management and facilitation.

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